Media team of UYTF

This document provides descriptions and photos from Activities during 2018-2019


“Breaking Borders Through Art” format is a continuation of a very successful initiative of the Youth Task Force, first session of which received a grant from UNMIK as the winning project of the 1st UN Youth Assembly in Kosovo.

The activity brings together young artists from different communities residing in Kosovo for a joint artistic process on a given topic. The activities are followed by a travelling exhibition that by the beginning of the project has visited Pristina, Kaçanik / Kačanik, Gračanica / Graçanicё, Fushё Kosova / Kosovo Polje and Kamenicё/a.

The three editions in Pejё / Peć, Prizren and Shtërpcë/Štrpce  that were organized by United Youth Task Force in the framework of the current programmatic activity, enlarged the existing network of young artists with over 40 new members from different communities.

Kosovo Youth Festival

KOSOVO YOUTH FEST brought together young people from all ethnicities in Kosovo to learn and experience each others’ cultures and traditions through folklore, music, food and drinks.

The cultural ethno-festival that was organized in July 2019 for the first time by a multi-ethnic group of young people – finalists of the small grants competition of the 2nd United Nations Youth Assembly in Kosovo, with the financial and organizational support of UNMIK. The activity was organized on 24-25 June 2019 and gathered around 160 youth from different communities in the ethno-village of Kukaj, reconstructing the traditional rural lifestyle of Kosovo.

At the activity, youth dancing collectives represented dancing traditions of Albanian, Serb, Turkish, Bosnian, Ashkali and Roma communities residing in different parts of Kosovo, and with the help of several youth music bands, engaged the visitors in a bright cultural experience. All participants and visitors were encouraged to wear some elements of traditional clothing and bring traditional food.

The Festival created a very vibrant and positive space that became a fruitful ground for many new friendships beyond the ethnic barriers and engaged youth in interactive inter-cultural learning through a series of games, competitions, quizzes and opportunities to learn the basics of each other’s’ languages.

“My Kosovo in One Shot”- Initiative

A project which aims to bring all communities together to build bridges of peace and communication through videos and photography, and to re-discover cultural diversity and natural beauties of Kosovo.

This initiative was taken by one of the finalists groups of the small grants competition in the 2nd United Nations Youth Assembly in Kosovo. The project was supported by the Media Team of UYTF and it will become an annual activity of our organization in the following years.