Education on Diversity

The group aims to gather young students from different communities such as K-Albanian, K-Serb, K-Bosnian, K-Ashkali, K-Roma and K-Turk in order to share a diverse space. Education on diversity tries to highlight the importance of diversity among young people through trainings, info-sessions, workshops etc..

Moving School of Youth, Peace and Security

Participants had the chance to discuss about the problems in their community, the role of youth and how it can be strengthen cooperation between young people of diverse ethnicities. Through different exercises they had the chance to develop ideas and solution about issues that young people in Kosovo face. They got to know more about multi-ethnic activities of United Youth Task Force, the coming projects and how they can be part of the organization.

Ten sessions of the “Moving Schools” were organized in ten different municipalities with 180 youth from different communities (97 young women, 83 young men; among the beneficiaries were K-Albanian, K-Serb, K-Ashkali, K-Roma and K-Bosnian youth). The info-sessions were organized in the local languages, thus allowing for a greater interaction and engagement of the students.

-Main results of this activity are:

To promote the work of United Youth Task Force and its opportunities for young people. Improve perceptions and understanding of youth about its objectives by developing a multi-ethnic group of youngsters from all around Kosovo with the aim to retail embrace and promote diversity as the most powerful tool of success.

To enhance communication between youth of majority of Albanians and non-majority communities and contribute in changing the perception for each other.

Highlighting the significance of the role of youth today in building a safe, peaceful society and the trust between communities.

Stories From the Other Side

Stories from the other side was a working session in which participants had to know more about the work of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo and enhanced it with a block of peer-to-peer interactive activities encouraging youth from different communities to identify the issues of shared concerns and develop joint youth-led solutions. The participants were introduced to UNMIK’s program on Youth, Peace and Security and took part in the co-design session for the activities addressing specific thematic areas of the program, such as youth participation in decision-making processes, environmental protection or digital media literacy among youth.