Decision Making

The activities under the Decision Makin program, aims capacity-building of young peacebuilders, while enhancing their skills and knowledge of young people belonging ethnically diverse members, to act as agent of change, peacebuilders and youth mediators in their communities. The group it’s mixed with young people of K-Albanian, K-Serb, K-Bosnian, K-Ashkali, K-Roma and K-Turk.

Main activities organized through this program:

Advocacy meetings and support to Local Youth Action Councils in (re) defining of the Local Youth Action Plans;

The advocacy meetings and roundtables aims to initiate the cooperation with local authorities, Local Youth Action Councils and youth structures in targeting municipalities, as well as introduction to the project scope and objectives and initial mapping of the youth needs at the local levels.

Organizing roundtables with local authorities, Local Youth Actions Council members and other stakeholders.

Previous roundtables successfully organzied in: Gračanica/Graçanicё, in Kamenica, (covering for Kamenica, Gjilan/Gnjilane and Parteš/Partesh): Roundtable in Štrpce/ Shtёrpcё.

In the result of these activities, for each municipality Decision Making Team tries to do the mapping of the following issues:

  • Mapping of the specific local youth needs and level of integration of non-majority communities into Local Youth Action Council and overall youth activities in the municipalities;
  • Status and situation of the Local Youth Action Council, its relations with local authorities, youth networks and schools;
  • Status of the Local Youth Action Plan, relevant budget allocation and level of implementation;
  • Challenges related to youth participation;
  • Best practices and opportunities for cooperation.

Capacity-building of Local Youth Action Councils

Introducing to social mapping tools and learned how to apply them for the identification of the youth needs at the local level. LYAC receive necessary assistance for re-drafting of the Local Youth Action Plans in accordance to the actual youth needs at the local level, as well as Kosovo Roadmap on Youth, Peace and Security. Helping LYACs leverage at the local level to be increased through building skills and knowledge in the areas of municipal budget formation and decision-making, social mapping and evidence-based advocacy

Previous activities held in 5 target municipalities

  • Two (2) Capacity-Building seminars with representatives of Local Youth Action Councils
  • Small-scale grants for the follow-up multi-ethnic cooperation activities between LYACs 

Capacity-building workshop with young women and local authorities aiming at increasing their ability to influence decision-making

Focused on challenges that young women from different communities face in Kosovo, ways to amplify their voices at the local and central level, mapping of the existing best practices in support of gender equality, as well as the scope of gender-based violence and its connection to property issues. The participants learned about the functioning of the municipal structures, how to develop an advocacy strategy and organize an awareness-raising and outreach activity and decided to continue their cooperation by establishing an informal support network of young women.

Development and launch of the E-Youth online tool linking together youth structures at different levels with local authorities

Platform which links all 38 individual municipalities in Kosovo. The main purpose is for young people to become more integrated in their respective local community and large youth community decision making process. The youth will be faced with the problems of today. Therefore, it is paramount that youth are involved in decision making processes at all levels.

The E-Youth Platform is in a sense the facebook of local municipalities. One website which provides categories by which the youth can express their ideas, will, interest.